ABOUT the ARTIST - Hi, my name is Edward ‘Saalik’ Simpo and I am the founder of The Imaginary Circus. Born and raised in the heart of San Francisco, California, I've been drawing, painting, designing, and photographing the world around me since birth. Not content to pick one medium or style has left me with a broad range of talents that have given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of companies and on all types of projects since the beginning of my young design career. Over the years my strengths have grown in graphic design, digital illustration, and user interface design. Although currently pursuing a degree in design, I'm a largely self-taught & self-motivated designer with a desire to play a larger role in the design community. My life is design. I live it. I breathe it. I consume it. I honestly love design and I surround myself in it every day. When I’m not looking at a computer screen you can find me in my art studio drawing or painting. When I’m not being artistic, which doesn’t happen often, I’m out on my skateboard learning and relearning tricks, hiking and enjoying nature, traveling, or listening to music – maybe even all at once.









The Imaginary Circus is an interdisciplinary communication design studio striving to improve the human experience by creating eclectic designs that spark the imagination of the masses.


Design is often defined as an artfully strategic approach to problem solving or to the formulation of a plan intended to prompt some effect; while we agree, we believe it is much more. Design is a worldview, a way of seeing the possibility and opportunity around every corner. Design is both a visible and invisible language, part of a greater system, inspiring and delivering information. Design transcends culture and communicates the potential in us all.


We believe in responsible communication. We take great pride in the communication potential that we provide and with it assume full responsibility. From this sense of responsibility comes a commitment to enrich society in a positive and transformative manner through the execution of our work.


The clients I partner with and the projects I take on are carefully considered. I seek clients and projects that possess integrity, convey future-forward thinking, and signal positive social transformation. When I commit to a project, I do so wholeheartedly, bringing my passion, expertise, alliances, and perspective. It is my aim to create lasting, significant work. To do so, I believe I must choose my clients and my projects wisely.


The Imaginary Circus was founded 2004 in San Francisco, California. As a way to display my renaissance way of living, it has since become an outlet to pursue my design career. Since day one I’ve strived to give my clients the most superior and cost efficient solutions in this vastly competitive market. My primary mission is to help you succeed in your branding efforts. The Imaginary Circus’ progression will continue to be driven by my firm belief in the transformative power of art and design.

The foundation of the Imaginary Circus is built on great ideas; That whole concept of never letting go of that inner child. I’m always looking forward to engage with intelligent self-thinkers, whom I can work with to fuel the engine of my imagination for the benefit of each and every client. I will work in consultation with you and your staff to create the images that will profile your company, along with its core values and corporate ethics. I also work with you to attract the eye of potential clients.

My wealth of expertise and comprehensive solutions, coupled with a successful track record of delivering high-end premedia and branding services, paved the way for even greater in-house or virtual productions. I make sure your corporate content and images are represented consistently, accurately and effectively every time with every assignment I handle.

Each creation is well-planned, starting with the brainstorming sessions, continuing through production and right up to the completion. It is all about planning, managing, trying to focus on the parts that have perhaps been overlooked, challenging assumptions, seeking alternatives and choosing the right solutions. A professional business image is guaranteed with every assignment I undertake.

I pride myself on developing strong, long-term relationships with my clients, as well as responding to their individual priorities with solutions that are tailored to their requirements, time-frames and budgets. I work with my clients to understand the full scope and aims of each project, which enables me to design the most appropriate solution.


Imagination should always be the driving force behind art. And art – like life – is an indelible circus.

PORTFOLIO - Due to an unfortunate accident, the destruction of my external hard-drive, most of my past work has been lost to the "fire". Thankfully, I was able to find some of my past work lurking in my gmail inbox. For those of you who've seen my portfolio before the incident, don't fret. I will rebuild my portfolio to be bigger and better than before. Until then, enjoy these relics from my days of yore. LOL!

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“Everything you can imagine is real.”

—Pablo Picasso

JOURNAL - Here in my journal you will find posts on the main subject of art and design. I'll provide free graphic design tips, articles & free resources on all subjects ranging from, but not limited to; print, branding/logos, web, typography, advertising, fine art, architecture, & more.

4 Nov 2012

The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Logos surround us in digital and physical space, but we rarely examine the thought and artistic thinking that goes into the design of these symbols. Utilizing a silent vocabulary of colors, shapes, and typography, logo designers give a visual identity to companies and organizations of all types. From cave painters to modern designers, artists throughout history have been reducing the complex down to simple ideas that communicate with the

2 Nov 2011

Ira Glass on Storytelling

If you're a creative and need a little motivation, please watch this! It's inspiring and will motivate you to keep pushing forward.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

—Albert Einstein

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